Pathways Progress – 7 September 2015


What a treat. Over 60 people were able to get along to the celebration BBQ a couple of weeks ago and enjoy a great afternoon of eating and catching up with each other. We even managed to fit in a tour of the ‘estate!’ before the rain came (dead on the forecast time of 5pm). Those of us that tasted this lovely cake (and ate one or two of the amazing burgers on offer) will be looking forward with anticipation to the next social event with some anticipation.

Thanks to everyone who came along and a special thanks to those who cooked, baked and cleared up… the team effort is what makes such days an absolute joy.


We have accumulated over 1750 hours of volunteer work so far in the 11 months that we have had possession of the farm. In October we are looking to have another celebration (date to be confirmed but probably around a bonfire on Saturday 31st) which will be a chance to look back over what has been achieved and hopefully, launch the official opening…

Having the polytunnel finished has been a huge asset as we now have somewhere to work even if the rain falls… it is also a great talking point for anyone who sees it whilst driving down the new road – I have had so many people tell me “its looking like a real farm now”.

Recent work

We have had some very productive work days recently. A few weeks ago a highly enthusiastic team came along from Social Services and worked very hard preparing the site for the goat pen and finishing off bridge number two – leading to the pig enclosure (it might not be long before we have a third crossing!).

A good day was had by all – I think the phrase most heard on the day was “This is so different from my usual day’s work”.

The usual Saturday work parties continued and culminated in the completion of the goat pen just over a week ago. The enclosure is finished, the shelter is in place and the donated grass seed is starting to grow so the animals (when they arrive) will have a nutritious first meal. With a finished polytunnel and now a goat pen we are really starting to look and feel like a farm!

The next step

One of our wonderful volunteers recently said to me “A day’s physical work here is so satisfying and knowing what we are working towards is so inspiring”. I often feel like Tom Sawyer when people leave after doing a day’s, or even a few hours, work and say “Thank you”. It is us who want to thank all of you. What we have achieved so far is amazing and we really are so grateful.

We have a work party planned for next Saturday (12 September) part of which will involve indoor work so the weather is not critical (that means it will be blazing hot). If you have any time that day please do come along, it will be great to see you… and you WILL enjoy it!



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