Welcome to Pathways Care Farm

It is a farm, but it’s also a place that provides a caring, healthy and therapeutic environment.
Pathways Care Farm gives vulnerable people the opportunity to learn, re-build and grow through a range of hands-on farming activities. This might include planting, fruit and vegetable cultivation, helping to restore a barn, animal husbandry or even the basics of machinery maintenance. Situated in the north of Lowestoft, Pathways is bringing a beautiful 13-acre site, which has been neglected for years, back into productive use. In short, creating an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of busy, troubled contemporary life.
Spending a day, or more, a week at Pathways can have an amazing effect on people’s well-being. No matter what farm experiences people have or haven’t had, all are welcome to share in guided activities, hard physical work, team work, problem solving and confidence building. People can also sit and contemplate, enjoying the natural habitat and walkways. Older people who may be isolated or lonely can enjoy companionship while participating in appropriate activities on and about the farm.
Our co-workers may be vulnerable, have special needs, be recovering from a mental health illness or be in need of some ‘time-out’ – they all come from a variety of backgrounds and perhaps need some therapy, to learn a new skill, be part of their day care or a mixture all mainly in the great outdoors.
We focus on what people can do, not what they can’t and encourage them gradually to stretch themselves and achieve pride in success.
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