About the farm

Pathways Care Farm sits on a beautiful 13-acre site in north Lowestoft, Suffolk, and has been a working farm since the 19th century. In more recent times the farm has been largely unused but, with the construction of a new section of the A12, an opportunity has presented itself to return the site to its roots.
It includes everything you’d expect with a cluster of farm buildings at its entrance which gives way to two adjacent fields with a further grassy pasture at its northern limit. Being in touching distance of the A12 provides the convenience of a central location with the benefits of a rural setting. Less than 10 minutes away from Lowestoft Town Centre or James Paget Hospital in Gorleston in the opposite direction.
In days long gone, farms (along with schools, pubs and the church) were at the heart of many communities, particularly in the rural areas. We want to get back to those roots and restore this crucial element of sharing community by bringing people together who are in need of support and improving both physical and mental health and well-being.
In a modern life with increased pressures on members of society, experiencing the great outdoors is life-changing and enhancing. It may be hard work for some of the time, but it is structured and guided, it stretches and challenges each individual in an appropriate manner and almost always leads to better mood and appetite, better sleep patterns and a sense of personal satisfaction in something worthwhile having been achieved.
Each co-worker is an individual and our plan for each reflects his or her wants and needs.
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