What’s next?

Q: How do I get myself a place at Pathways?

A: Referrals can made by health and social care professionals, teaching staff, parents and carers. It is also possible for a person to self refer.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our placement fees vary depending on the level of support a person may need. If you have a personal budget in place to purchase your day care, you or a carer may also make a referral.

Q: What do I get for a day?

A: You will get a structured day of appropriate instruction and work in some aspects of farming, horticulture, livestock care, farming, harvesting, packing or retailing in a small, safe, secure and friendly setting.

Q: Will I just be another person?

A: No, you will be a valued individual to us and we offer individual time and support in achieving goals and realistic targets by providing meaningful activities and in a safe, structured, supervised environment.

Q: Anything else:

A: We think, with animal care and welfare; growing vegetables, plants, flowers; group working; an individual plan of care, time and attention; cooking, including chutneys, jams and pickles; bread making with an experienced baker; art and crafts; restoring furniture; woodwork; bird watching; support for carers/relatives/agencies; maintenance of machinery; countryside maintenance ie hedging and environment awareness/issues… you’ll be spoilt for choice! We’re also exploring offering NVQ qualifications.
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