Pathways Progress – 10 August 2015

It’s up!

After hours and hours of work by so many wonderful people, the polytunnel is covered. We still have to fix the doors and the irrigation system but it’s covered and just about ready for action.

What an achievement. Thank you to everyone that held on to the precious polythene on Saturday and thank you to everyone who couldn’t be there this weekend but has been part of the process over the last few months, from digging footings to piecing together the frame, doors and side vents. An incredible effort and something to be proud of every time you drive down the new road and see it in all its glory.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, said last week “By the time you get that tunnel finished it’ll make a great Santa’s grotto”. An amusing thought, and one that may be taken up in a few months, but I’m very pleased we beat that deadline.


The last bbq, a few months ago, was a great success. Despite some heavy downpours many people were able to see the farm for the first time. We want to mark the latest progress with another one of Carl’s special meat feasts and we are having a weekend of activity: Saturday 22 August – workparty (10am – 4pm or any time within those hours); Sunday 23 August – bbq (2pm onwards).

Note: attendance on Sunday is not dependent on working on Saturday. We are keen to have as much help as possible at the workday but we would love to see you at the barbie no matter what (it would help with catering if you can drop me a line to say that you are going to join us).

Thank you

We are moving ever closer to the opening and the real job of serving local vulnerable people. An amazing thought when we look back at what the site was like last October. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement, we are so grateful and hope to be able to say it in person in a couple of week’s time.


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