Pathways Progress – 14 September 2015

A family affair

Last Saturday started with a fair bit of rain and a small handful of people… I received a number of txts asking if we were still meeting at the farm to which the answer was “Some of us are here so feel free to come if you can.”

There was plenty to do inside the polytunnel and in the barns but, as the day went on, the sun came out and being in the fresh air started to appeal to lots of others. We had a number of families join us (including dogs) and at one point I counted more than 20 people working together on the ground in front of the tunnel, chatting, pulling weeds, making tea, eating cake (plus one lovely demonstration of sheer freedom as a couple of youngsters were enjoying the delights of a very muddy patch).

Whilst the outdoor activities were progressing well some serious demolition and trench digging was being carried out preparing the ground for water and waste pipes. Our smallish pile of hardcore grew five or six times bigger as the day went on and a very thick concrete floor was removed. I have promised the guys that we will have a hydraulic breaker on site next week rather than only having sledge hammers!

Everyone is so enthusiastic about the progress we are making and, with autumn creeping up on us quickly, we are maintaining momentum whilst we can and opening up again next Saturday (19 September) to continue with the fun.

We want to say a sincere ‘Thanks’ to all of you for your interest, your support and your hard work. This project simply wouldn’t happen without you and we look forward to welcoming as many as can make it in a few days’ time.


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