Pathways Progress – 25 September 2015

One year on

Next week marks the one year anniversary of us taking possession of the farm! Its hard to imagine that its only been a year when you look around and see what we have achieved. 12 months and over 2000 volunteer hours. Even now it is easy to focus on the work ahead and feel a bit daunted but today is a day for looking back at what we have done and feeling very proud.

The support from all of you has been so good and the way the farm looks now is a testimony to every splinter, blister and aching muscle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I was recently sent a few aerial shots taken during the construction of the new link road. The one above was taken in December 2014 and gives a very clear view of one of the key benefits for when we officially open… we are a little piece of the country in the heart of the town.

4 October 2014 was our first ever workparty on the site. What a day. So much excitement and hope for the future. The early video footage captured some of that so well. We are marking the anniversary with another workparty on Saturday 3 October. Last year we had over 30 people, who knows what will happen next week?

Things are moving so fast, work is progressing really well in the polytunnel, some of the barns are being prepared for new plumbing and electrics, additional animal enclosures are being built and garden areas are being designed and laid out. Life on the farm is never dull and you are all welcome to exert some energy, stroll around the grounds, make tea… drink tea… even just watch others work. We love being together and we love working towards a shared vision.


Hot off the press, we have just finished a wonderful day with a great group from the local DWP (Department of Works and Pensions). This is their second day on the farm – we are still talking about what was achieved a few months ago! Yesterday was no different… gates put in, fences erected, walls cleaned, trenches dug. Fantastic day – thank you all so much – here’s to the next one. (Apologies to Social Services for not giving you the write-up you deserved after your day with us – you were all brilliant as well… I’m sure you knew that already.)

Charity shop

I don’t often mention the charity shop (London Road South) but I should. The shop has been open for over 10 months and is a huge help in supporting the work of the farm. You can help too – we are after donations. We have been building a good reputation in Kirkley as the charity shop with ‘classy’ items. If any of you have bric-a-brac, DVDs, crockery etc please let us know as we would be very happy to receive it, even if you just want to pop in (Tuesday – Thursday) we would love to see you… 100% of the sales goes back into the work of the Care Farm.

Thank you all – I keep saying it and I will continue to say it. We really are so grateful and your support means so much.



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