Pathways Progress – 10 October 2015

£25,000 vote now on


Having had such support and success with the Aviva funding bid we have been entered into a competition to win £25,000 from The OneFamily Foundation.

This is a straight forward, winner takes all, vote. The project with the most votes wins the money. We therefore want to encourage everyone (and your friends, relatives, neighbours, work colleagues, people you meet on the street…) to go through the following process and help us secure this incredible sum.

  • Follow the link to the Pathways page on the OneFamily website (
  • Register on the website using an email address (or Facebook) (or register multiple email addresses)
  • Activate your account by following the link sent via email from OneFamily – the link takes you back to the Pathways page where you are able to vote.
  • If you’re not redirected back to the Pathways page once registered then just follow the original link to the Pathways page (above) and vote there.

Please do make the effort, it may take a few minutes but the difference it could make for our work will be enormous.

Jobcentre Plus

Having hosted a team from the local DWP a couple of weeks ago the Great Yarmouth Jobcentre were not prepared to be outdone! They arrived en masse last week, despite a dreadful weather forecast (which fortunately turned out to be wrong) and worked their socks off (or plastic bags inside wellies!!).

A new gate was erected and huge areas of overgrowth and vicious brambles were cut down and moved to the increasingly large bonfire site ready for 31 October (see below).

Thank you so much guys, a great day and a wonderful challenge to the DWP for next year.

The fruit of our labours

As mentioned in the last Update, we have just passed our first anniversary and we celebrated with – yes – another workparty! The sun beamed down (as usual) and not only did we get loads done but we also enjoyed a wonderful, home-made autumn pudding made from fruit picked on the farm. Sorry to anyone who missed out but it didn’t last long once the vultures descended…

We had a great day (again) as over 25 people worked in groups to clear the entrance area (see below), dig trenches and lay drainage pipes in a couple of the barns, treat invasive weeds, strim large areas of overgrowth and even thin some of the wooded areas.

31 October

These workdays really have become key times for building relationships and having fun together whilst making huge improvements to the site as a whole. We regularly have guests who have visited in the past and not been for a while and, without fail, they are taken aback by the changes we have made and the way the facility is being improved.

The next planned work party is Saturday 31 October when we will finish the afternoon with a BBQ and a very large bonfire… we may even have a rather special firework display if Tim can get a new supplier in time. It is likely to be a really special time not to be missed… bring the family, we look forward to seeing you.



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