Pathways Progress – 26 October 2015

Holiday reflection

I recently celebrated my 60th birthday… I know, I don’t look a day over 59! Rather than enjoy a party in the company of friends who would have said “you don’t look your age” or more likely, “you need to start taking it easy”, I went to the highlands where I enjoyed an amazing break with spectacular views and balmy late summer weather… miracles do happen.

Normally, when I return from a really good time away, I can get that – back to work – Monday morning – feeling. This time I was nearing Suffolk after driving several hundred miles and thinking “I wonder how the farm is doing… whats been going on…” This project is not only good news for the service users who will be attending, it is very good news for all of us who are involved.

Having said that I want to add that some days I wake up and think “I can’t do it. The workload is too much. Where will the money come from?” But after a few hours in the fresh air, working alongside others who are keen, dedicated and enthusiastic, all those worries disappear and equilibrium is restored. What seemed impossible is immediately back on track.

In the last update I mentioned a competition to win £25,000 from The OneFamily Foundation. The voting finishes on this one 3 November (next Tuesday). Currently we have 93 votes – the winner has about 1000. Its impossible to catch up I hear you say. No – what seemed impossible can be immediately back on track.

There are almost 250 people of this mailing list. Some of us (93 to be precise) have voted but many haven’t yet. If we all vote and get 4 or 5 friends to do the same – who knows?

The project with the most votes wins the money. Please therefore go through the following process and help us compete.

  • Follow the link to the Pathways page on the OneFamily website (
  • Register on the website using an email address (or Facebook) (or register multiple email addresses)
  • Activate your account by following the link sent via email from OneFamily – the link takes you back to the Pathways page where you are able to vote.
  • If you’re not redirected back to the Pathways page once registered then just follow the original link to the Pathways page (above) and vote there.

Please do make the effort, it may take a few minutes but the difference it could make for our work will be enormous.

31 October

The fireworks are scheduled, the bonfire is being prepared, the food is being prepared for the BBQ, the weather is due to be good… what better way to embrace autumn than a work party at the farm followed by an evening of warmth, great food and excellent company plus a Tim Wicks spectacular?

Saturday 31 October is the day (this Saturday)
Bonfire will be lit around 4.30
BBQ will start around 5 – 5.30
Fireworks should be lit about 6 – 6.15
… bring the family, bring your friends (no charge but we will have a bucket on hand for contributions). We look forward to seeing you.



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