Pathways Progress – 2 November 2015

Lighting up the sky

Last Saturday we had another work party. The weather was once again beautiful and we managed to make a start on the orchard. (Thank you to Jimmy who, with no knowledge of our intentions, arrived as we were marking out the plot and donated an apple and a pear tree!) We continued with our blitz on the brambles near the reservoir and Matt and the team carried on with the plumbing for the kitchen and new toilets.

We also arranged one of our regular celebration get-togethers for later in the day and, as darkness descended, we lit the bonfire and got the BBQ fired up. Tim had been setting up the firework display (which is always worth seeing) so, based on experience, we thought we should cater for about 60 – 70 people… maybe 80?

unnamed-4Carl was cooking, I was busy talking to people as they arrived and generally enjoying myself whilst Den, Amy, Ellen and anyone called Bev, was doing all the real work behind the scenes (thank you). All of a sudden I had a word in my ear that we needed more food. With a distinct lack of loaves and fishes on hand Julia and I rushed over to Tesco and bought a load more burgers. The final estimate I had was that we catered for over 150 people!

Panic over, the fireworks began (please click on the image above to view a video of the display). What a show. People even stopped their cars on the road as they passed to watch and be royally entertained.

I’m sure I speak for everyone there in saying “Thanks Tim, great work”.

OneFamily Foundation

At the time of going to press we are 750 votes away from winning the £25,000. Thanks to everyone who has voted so far.

The voting finishes at 5.30pm tomorrow (Tuesday 3 November) so, if you have a few moments before the deadline and you haven’t voted yet please try – and if you can get 750 of your friends to do the same…

Follow this link to the Pathways page on the OneFamily website (

Register on the website using an email address (or Facebook) – Activate your account by following the link sent via email from OneFamily – the link takes you back to the Pathways page where you are able to vote.

If you’re not redirected back to the Pathways page once registered then just follow the original link to the Pathways page (above) and vote there… you never know!

Hay for sale

We have a lot of hay baled, stored and ready for collection. Our hay is very good quality and we are looking to sell 300 – 400 bales. If you want some or know anyone else who does please get in touch on 07711 055898.

Saturday 7 November

The nights are drawing in quickly and workparties become slightly harder at this time of year, however, the forecast is not too bad next week so we are having another one on Saturday 7 November for anyone who wants to get some fresh air and use up a bit of energy. You know its good for you!

If you are around we look forward to seeing you.



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