Pathways Progress – 23 February 2016

STOP PRESS – Tesco Voting
(27 February – 6 March)

As most of you will know, shops have had to charge 5p for their plastic bags… What an outrage… what a rip-off… NO – what a great way to raise money for charity! All of those 5ps have been collected and charities all over the country will soon start to benefit.

Tesco will be awarding three community groups and projects in our region grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag charge.

Pathways are delighted to be a recipient of Tesco’s Bags of Help initiative. You can vote for us at these stores:
Oulton Broad Express
Southwold Queen Street Express
Lowestoft 1 (London Road North)
Lowestoft 2 (Superstore – Leisure Way)

Voting opens in store on 27 February and continues until 6 March. The votes cast will decide who receives the £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 awards. Voting chips will be given out in store and customers vote by placing chips in the boxes provided.

An award like this is really big news for us and we are incredibly grateful for the chance to compete… PLEASE vote, please make lots of trips to Tesco between 27the and 6th… if you need food on 25th or 26th please hold on and go shopping on 27th instead (only joking – maybe!). Once you have bought what you need on 27th please use the rest of the week to stock up – I hear that we are expecting terrible snow storms after 6 March and we won’t be able to leave our homes – we all need to start hoarding food supplies. (Please don’t take this seriously, I don’t want to start a panic-buying riot.)

Finally, please pass this on, tell your friends, neighbours, relations, put it on Facebook, tell the people who live down the road that you don’t yet talk to… tell them all that PATHWAYS NEEDS THEM!

Never – has so much – been achieved – by so few…

Last Saturday was another amazing day. Some days I am overwhelmed by how much gets done. All this week I have been showing people the new rooms we are creating in the old stable and the pig enclosure we are creating. At one point, whilst feeding the bonfire, someone commented “I didn’t realise it was raining till I came away from the fire”. The work-rate and the friendly atmosphere was just so great.

If you couldn’t make it please don’t despair… You have another chance to join the fun! (this Saturday, 27th February) we will all be there again, building up, cutting down, burning… having fun. We would love you to join us.



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