Pathways Progress – 9 February 2016

The adventure goes on…

When I show people around the farm for the first time they often say ‘I hope you are keeping a record of what you have done’. I tell them that I’ve been taking photos and video since we started – it means I can get out of doing most of the hard work!

It is absolutely vital that we have a clear vision for where we are going and what we want to achieve but it is also very helpful, and highly encouraging, to look back and see what we have managed to accomplish this far. If you click on the photo above you will be able to view the latest video showing some of the changes we have done together… even I found myself saying: ‘I’d forgotten that it was like that…’

If the link doesn’t work for any reason please try this:


Like last month, I want you to know what others say about their experience of the care farm so here are some words from a couple of our co-workers:

“I tried to think of what to write but I could only come up with three words: ‘Saved my life’.” (M)

“This project is uniquely special and I feel so lucky to be part of it with some of the nicest people I have ever met. My confidence and happiness has grown so much too.” (S)

We are already making a difference in the lives of some very dear people. With your help we will soon to be open for more days each week and make an even greater impact on even more lives.


I drove home last night through winds that I’m sure reached record speeds (well, close to anyway). At one point I wondered how the trees were still standing and then I thought ‘How is the polytunnel going to get on with this barrage?’.

I needn’t have worried. It was still looking as good as ever this morning. What a testimony to its design and also to the skill of Andrew and his team(s) who masterminded its construction.

Watching the video above reminded me of the hours/days/weeks of toil and skill to get it up. For the few of us who were around when it was delivered, even getting the package off the lorry was an ordeal… but well worth it. What a blessing it has been and a wonderful refuge when the weather is a bit iffy.

Hay for sale

The sale of hay is on-going. We have good quality hay, baled, stored and ready for collection. If you want some or know anyone else who does please get in touch on 07711 055898.

What are you doing on Saturday 20 and 27 February?

The work parties at the end of January were incredibly productive. We finished ripping out the old floor in the stable block and not only laid a new one but also built and erected a staircase up to the old hay loft. The aim of the next two workparties (20th and 27th February) will be to get as much of the renovation work done as possible in that barn so that we can start using it as a base for our future service-users. There are lots of jobs to be done from skilful ones to rather less skilful. Please don’t rule yourself out. No matter what your ability, we would love you to join us.

At the end of a workday it is impossible to leave the site without looking around and seeing what we have achieved – either on the day or just in general. It is such a rewarding feeling so please reward yourself and come along. A great time will be had by all.



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