Pathways Progress – 29 February 2016

Leap Year report

As this day only exists once every four years I couldn’t resist sending out another update, sorry that it is so soon after the last one – exciting though isn’t it?

We have just planted 15 fruit trees in our orchard
This is another historic event in the life of the Care Farm and, over the next few years, as these trees grow and mature, lots of people will benefit from the joy of harvesting fruit as well as eating it and maybe drinking its juice… ‘Pathways Perry’ has a ring to it don’t you think?

These wonderful trees are all local, traditional varieties and have been donated by Paul Read and the Suffolk Traditional Orchard Group to whom we are very grateful.

Traditional orchards often have a variety of habitats which are not only enjoyable for people but also make havens for wildlife, encouraging the presence of mammals, birds and invertebrates and allowing mosses, lichens and wildflowers to flourish. We look forward to nurturing these young (yet old) trees in anticipation of long summer days in the future when visitors can enjoy the beauty and the balmy fragrances of this lovely space.

Every corner of the farm…

Last Saturday was stunning, the weather, although a little chilly, was bright and sunny and, having had a few dry days, the ground was starting to look more like a field than a bog.

There was some highly skilful floor laying and batten fixing going on in the Stable block as we prepare the space to become a lounge/common room for service-users. There were two fires on the go in adjoining fields and the dedicated graft (orchard term again) of a lot of people, young and not so young, meant that we managed to clear some enormous piles of cut-down bushes and brambles. Finally, a new skill was added to the Pathways repertoire – hedge laying. Two ‘old’ friends of mine travelled up from Kent (with their three ridiculously large dogs) and started work on the hedge at the rear of the Yarmouth Road houses. It will take a while before it is totally effective but it is great to have made a start.

We have another day of work and fun lined up for (Saturday 11th March). The weather is getting better all the time so please join us if you can.

Tesco voting

The voting is now underway at Tesco. Pathways are delighted to be a recipient of Tesco’s Bags of Help initiative and, if you get one of their red chips and vote for us we could be awarded up to £12,000.
You can vote for us at these stores:
Oulton Broad Express
Southwold Queen Street Express
Lowestoft 1 (London Road North)
Lowestoft 2 (Superstore – Leisure Way)

Voting continues until 6 March (only this week!) and the votes cast will decide who receives the £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 awards.

PLEASE vote, please make lots of trips to Tesco between now and 6th… don’t just bulk buy do it in bits… every time you buy you can get a chip!

Please pass this on, tell everyone you know – tell people you don’t know! put it on Facebook, Tweet – tell them all that PATHWAYS NEEDS THEM this week.

Thanks – hope to see you on Saturday 11 March.





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