Pathways Progress – 13 July 2015

The polytunnel saga

A bit like the frog that always jumps half way to the pond bank and never actually reaches land, It feels like the polytunnel is one of those structures that will never actually be completely finished. Having said that, every week we get a little closer! On Saturday, work did not stop on this amazing structure and whilst the casual observer might be hard pressed to see the progress – it was a highly productive day and we actually achieved a huge amount. We all left a lot more tired but highly fulfilled.

I’m sure it will be up-and-running after the next day together (Saturday 25 July) he said hopefully.

Drainage and woodland clearing

The recent heavy heavy rain helped us to identify a drainage weakness in the main field. A ‘seagull pond’ appeared near to the bridge as water poured down to that quarter from everywhere. On Saturday we saw some sustained effort being put in to recreate the channel tunnel. A drainage ditch was dug from the unwanted surface water towards the brook… despite the rain on Sunday the pond had turned into a puddle and the excavations seemed to be working well – a great achievement.

The other thing about the weather at the moment is that weeds and nettles are growing almost as fast as they are being cut down! Saturday’s gardening team made great inroads on this front and we managed to create a huge clearing in the wooded area near the proper pond. Thanks to everyone who cut, sawed, raked, bundled, dragged and burnt. A real team effort and the results look impressive.

Chosen By You Given By Us (Green Tokens)

We have been selected by ASDA to be one of the charities featured in their ‘Chosen By You Given By Us’ (Green Tokens) voting throughout July and August. When you visit ASDA please collect your Green Token and use it to vote for us on your way out. The voting station is on the far right as you enter the store. I’ll report on how the voting is going over the next couple of updates so please make the effort and encourage your friends to help as well… Every little helps (whoops, wrong slogan). Thanks.

Training and supporting

We have had so much interest in the work of the farm from local agencies and services as well as individuals and their families. We are convinced that the facility we are bringing to life is going to be, not only a great asset to the community but also timely in regard to other services being cut. We have had enormous help in putting together the policies and procedures necessary to keep everything we do ‘on track’, safe and effective and we are deeply grateful for the hours of work that this has taken, and indeed the hours/days/weeks it has saved us.

As the day we officially open is approaching quickly we are looking at training and equipping people who are able to help us with service-users during the week throughout the autumn months. If this is something you are keen to pursue please let me know.

As always we would like to say thank you to all of you. Without your help and support this project would not be happening. It is a great feeling to know that so many wonderful people are willing to give up their precious time to help us serve vulnerable people in our community. If you can come along on Saturday 25 July please do… the sun is always shining in our corner of the world and the welcome will be even warmer.



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