Pathways Progress – 1 July 2015

Aviva crop

Aviva funding

The big news for this update is that we won our bid for the Aviva Funding. This is wonderful news as we now have the money to invest in bringing a number of people with dementia onto the farm. Case studies show that the services we are offering are beneficial in so many ways, by having structured, therapeutic activities we aim to improve the wellbeing of many, many people. Thank you so much to everyone that voted for us – and got others to do likewise. We feel highly honoured to now be in a position to offer some real help.

Polutunnel structure


The polytunnel construction has been a mammoth task and we could not have achieved it with the help of so many people (especially the master-builders – you know who you are). Firstly we had to dig 20 holes, 20 inches square and 20 inches deep… in almost solid clay! The day after the initial holes were dug it poured with rain and a number of them were filled again. A second shift of digging was then carried out during an amazing day when 18 hard-working volunteers from the local DWP office who worked tirelessly to erect fences, cut through trees and bracken and… dig holes. The footplates were then put together and positioned in exactly the right places and at the right depth before the holes were backfilled. The metal frame was then put together and slotted into place. Next was the staging, bracing and door frames… this all sounds fairly simple when its written in one paragraph but the process has taken weeks to get this far.

If any of you have driven along the new link road and glanced across our field you would have seen the sight of our very large meccano construction. All we have to do now is finish the doors and side ventilation… then the simple task of fixing the poly cover… lets hope for a very (very) still day. Shouldn’t be a problem in East Anglia!

Bridge crop

The Bridge

We now have a bridge going across the brook at the bottom of the field. This means that we can now cut the grass in the top field and bring in more hay. We had 156 bales a couple of weeks ago, this field could produce over 300. I’ll let everyone know when it has been baled and hopefully we can get a number of us together to bring it all into storage.

I am so grateful to everyone that has given their precious time in volunteering in so many different ways. The comments I receive each week about how much we have achieved is honestly humbling. Thank you. I am also aware that we are having fairly regular work days especially now that the weather is on our side. During these summer months there are many things to do and events to attend so, although I am keen to maintain our momentum, I also want to say that you should only come along if the timing works for you. We love being together but we also understand when other commitments are pressing. Therefore, please come along to the next work party if you can but also have a great time elsewhere if you can’t make it.

The next together day is Saturday 11 July – the sun will be out – the wind will be non-existent – the BBQ will be sizzling… hope to see you there.


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