Pathways Progress – 3 April 2016

Never a truer word…

Having just completed another brilliant Saturday work party I wanted to share this sign which was recently sent to me by Rob, one of the other trustees.

I say thank you on just about every one of these updates but I don’t think it can ever be said too many times… thank you.

The weather at the weekend has been magnificent, and this is only the start of Spring! What a year we have to look forward to.

Everyone who came enjoyed themselves (apart from the pigeons who we hope are now going to find a new place to shelter). A highly dedicated team of intrepid people not only managed to get them to leave the barn where they have been living (and pooing) for many years, but they also (we hope) fixed roof tiles and blocked holes (everywhere) so that the ‘lovely’ little creatures can’t return… watch this space (they certainly are!!

The work continued at a pace in the Stable (the soon to be ‘Service-User Centre’) as the insulation was put on the walls and plasterboard fixed into position. We also gained a rooflight in the old hay loft. We will not have this room quite ready for our opening on 11 April but we won’t be far away.

The other great job was that the large barn was cleaned out (beautifully) now that the hay has gone and we have some space back. Thank you all.

Saturday 16 April

The Easter holidays will be over, back to work or school… but… the sun will be shining, friends will be gathering and doing things together. There will be food, drink (well, tea and coffee) and lots of laughter (and some work maybe). Yes, we have another, not to be missed, workparty.

Please come, if you can, on Saturday 16 April. We would really love to see you.





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