Pathways Progress – 8 December 2015

After the rain comes refreshed hope

I have just read a news article which stated that this November was the greyest on record with less than 9 hours of sun in some places! Lack of sunshine is a key factor for many people and it can seriously effect one’s wellbeing. On the east coast however, despite the generally cloudy (and wet) autumn, we have had rather more than 9 hours of sun lately and during one very mixed afternoon I was able to snap the incredible rainbow above.

There is something magical about a rainbow, it oozes hope… it suggests greater things ahead and turns a miserable downfall into a thing of beauty.

I loved this one. It encompassed the whole farm – and it was a double! It certainly gave me an even stronger sense of being in the right place at the right time.

In the last update I said I wanted to get a few people to write their own accounts of ‘A day on the farm’. Here is an extract of a message I received recently: “It’s amazing how a day on the farm with all the fantastic people that are involved can work such wonders! Just want to say thank you for including me with a project so uniquely special that I feel so lucky to be a part of it with some of the nicest people I have ever met. My confidence and happiness has grown so much.”

The shop in Kirkley

There is not long left until Christmas so please call in to the shop (see above) to pick up those really special, last-minute, gifts… then, once the festive season is over why not let us have all the excess presents you get so that we can recycle them and boost farm funds even more! This kind of recycling is the way to go.

We have just topped 3000 volunteer hours at the farm! To quote the late David Coleman “This is quite remarkable”. Can you imagine the cost if we had not received such amazing support? Even paying minimum wage would have cost us over £20,000.

Words cannot do justice to the hard work and dedication of all of you wonderful people. To look back at photos from a year ago and see the improvements we’ve made is humbling. Thank you all so much.

But those hours are not all… the fantastic ‘Pathways Care Farm Shop’ team has clocked up over 1000 hours as well. This is a huge effort and has not only blessed the farm with much needed income but has also touched the lives of countless people in one of the poorest parts of our town.

Last week the shop team enjoyed a Christmas meal out together and celebrated their first year of raising funds – and a lovely time was had by all (see below).

We still have hay for sale

We have a lot of hay to sell, all baled, stored and ready for collection. If you want some or know anyone else who does please get in touch on 07711 055898.

Final work party of 2015

The problem with Christmas dinner is that we tend over indulge and by the time the turkey is dished up we are not hungry enough to truly enjoy it… the easy solution to this age-old problem is to work up a really good appetite!

It is a well-known fact that outdoor, physical activity is one of the very best ways to increase appetite. We have therefore worked out that, by having a really good work day (fun day) at the farm just a few days before Christmas, everyone will be in a much better condition to fully enjoy the sacrifice that these lovely birds have made on our behalf.

If you agree and can think of nothing better to do with your time on Saturday 19 December please join us for a day of fun, work, fun, tea, fun, chat… and fun.

We hope you can join us (you will have fun).



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