Pathways Progress – 27 June 2016

The first animals have arrived

We now feel like a real farm… and we’re starting to smell a little like one as well! Its that great ‘I’m in the country’ smell. The goats (Dandilion and Caramel) arrived a couple of Fridays ago closely followed by Olive, Rosie, Claire and Myrtle our beautiful, and very friendly, Oxford Sandy and Black weaners.

Both the goats and the pigs add so much to Pathways and everyone loves spending time stoking and scratching them or just watching them play and run around. Click on the photos above and below to see video of the goats and pigs.

The pigs are now about 16 weeks old and already rather large. Its hard to imagine what they will be like in 6 months time.


We have just completed the mammoth task of putting a fence all around the Alpaca enclosure. Well done Pete and everyone else who has carried posts, dug holes, banged posts in, fixed wire… This has truly been a huge task but one that has made the field really secure and ready for the long awaited arrival of the Alpacas. One of the cria was born a few weeks ago and we are just waiting for the second of our mums to give birth before we take delivery. The little fawn one above is our first baby. If you click on the photo you can see her and her mum as they moved out of their pen.


It has been a while since our last work party so I guess you are all dead keen to get stuck in… Great news, the wait is over. We will be at the farm again this coming Saturday 2 July. There are lots of things to do whether you are skilled or not. Even if you just want to come and see the latest editions you will be very welcome.

Any time between 10 and 4 we will be there and the kettle will probably be boiling!



PS. The photo (right) shows some of the wonderful colours currently on display in the raised bed in the polytunnel… worth the entrance fee alone.


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