Pathways Progress – 19 May 2016

Now you see it…

What a day!

I don’t often write so soon after a previous update but I was so excited last Saturday that I wanted to shout about some of what we achieved.

Those of you who visit the farm regularly would have seen the (very ugly) canopy which looked like it was falling down before we took on the project. – It may have looked like it was falling down but it had a hidden strength which only emerged when we started banging/pulling/levering and shouting!

Its now gone and the pictures above show what a difference it makes. Now all we need to do is clean the brickwork, repair the wall and repoint, fix the guttering and erect a new (lighter) canopy… easy.

New windows

The other huge difference from last week was the addition of double-glazed windows in the service-user centre. They look stunning (being black they fit with the original look and feel so well) and they make the centre feel so bright and warm. Come and take a look sometime.

Service-user centre and Goat barn

On that ‘Megga Saturday’ we also finished off work on the barn that will house the goats overnight and continued to plasterboard and insulate the old hay loft… what a day!


I was chatting to a dear friend yesterday who visited the farm with some of her friends (below are a few of the comments I received afterwards). As she was leaving she tentatively asked if it was OK to come up on a Saturday with her young daughter. The answer was of course, YES.

I say it many times, our Saturday work parties achieve so much in terms of progress but they are also very social times and we love it when people just want to pay us a visit and look around. Please don’t stay away because you think you’ll need to pick up a tool and look busy. We truly want you to be with us… that alone is encouragement.

Comments from a recent visit: “Wonderful place and so close to home, something good for a change.” “Thank you, that was just what I needed to see. Fabulous and exciting, I’m feeling more relaxed now.” “Loved it! Seeing all those wonderful people really enjoying what they were doing, making a difference. Brilliant, thank you.” “Loved it. Can’t stop thinking about it.”

I will write again very soon (sorry for such little respite from my ramblings) I just get very excited. We will be on site again this weekend: Saturday 21 May. Hope you can come.



ps Here are a few of the old tools found around the farm when we took it over which have been cleaned and restored by students from Great Yarmouth College. What a great antidote to the throw-away age we all live in.


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