Pathways Progress – 17 August 2016

They are here…

After weeks of (patient) waiting, in front of a packed crowd (well, 10 of us), the first few Alpacas arrived and immediately made themselves at home. The first delivery comprised two mature males, two mums and their cria (young alpacas). We have three more, younger males coming very soon and these will be halter trained so that they can be led on walks. Please click on the photo to see some live action (or pay us a visit to see some REAL live action).

We are in serious danger of looking and feeling (and smelling) like a farm nowadays. Goats, pigs, alpacas… eggs are being incubated as I write so not long before there are little chicks running around. Life at Pathways is getting very exciting and we are thrilled at the progress we have made over the last few months.

Our success is down to the wonderful help of so many people. Every one of you who have worked, encouraged, advised, donated, prayed… we are so grateful. This success is down to you. Thanks you.

In order to give a better feel of how things are going I have decided to make this progress report more pictorial than verbal. I have therefore added a few more photos below… check out the veg… in particular the ‘giant’ tomato… we have also had the great pleasure of using some of our first ever crop of potatoes in a terrific leak & potato soup (thank you Rod for your culinary skills). It was delicious – and another ‘first’ for the farm.

Growth all around

Back at the start of the year we were given a number of fruit trees… not just any fruit trees but ancient varieties from East Anglia. A few months later we can now walk through out orchard – yes, orchard! and see fruit appearing and growing beautifully. It is thrilling and the crop will just increase in size and beauty over the next few years as the trees (apple, pear and plumb) grow and mature… I can almost taste the juice that we will be producing with our press (if we get one).

Seabird sighting

Its not every day you see cormorant. Well, we had a visit from this youngster at the last workparty. I managed to get really close and take some shots and then left him alone whilst I went to tell everyone what I’d seen… At the end of the afternoon Den (my wife) and I went back to see if he was still there, which he was. We came to the conclusion that he must be injured and sure enough, as we approached, his attempt to fly was hopeless.

We went back to the car and got a blanket which I placed around his body (not over his head which, in hindsight, would have been more sensible). As I picked him up to take him to the reservoir he showed his gratitude by attempting to peck off my nose!

Den said ‘You’re bleeding’ as blood ran down my face but, bravely, I carried him to a place of safety at the water’s edge and behind a fence… I hope he was safe and was able to recover! My friend Sarah (a nurse) kindly patched me up… after she had stopped laughing… it’s good to have friends.

Come and join us

We love our workparties. Our Saturdays together are great days, lots of fun and lots of tea, and quite a lot of achievement. They are vital days in the life of the farm and how we are progressing, If you can spare some time please come, we’d love to see you.

Next Saturday, we will be there from 10 till 4ish –  Saturday 20 August please come along… at least come and see the animals.





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